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Spot It Bible Study

Have you ever played the game Spot It!? It is a fast paced matching game and my family loves it. The girls that I teach in Sunday school love it too. We hadn’t played any games in awhile (I have been known to use games as our opening activity), so I decided that we would play it yesterday. Using Spot […]

Kids Bible Study Basket (#hellomornings)

This past week has been an incredibly difficult one in the parenting category.  We have been a little lax with discipline of late and as a result, we are dealing with angry outbursts, lying, bad behavior, disobedience, lack of respect, taking without asking, etc. It has been a hard week. So when I read this post (Create a HelloMornings Bible […]

(in)RL~ We Need YOUR Story!

It was early on a Sunday morning. Eight women had gathered from all over the city of Rochester to scrapbook and swim. One woman arrived in her red SUV. Another came in carrying a yo-yo. The women danced as they greeted one another. They charged as they ate muffins and drank lemonade. The women heard barking and knew that it […]

The Best Serenade

I was 21 years old before I was actually dating someone when Valentine’s Day rolled around. But as my luck would have it, my boyfriend ended up having knee surgery on February 14th. I went out for dinner with one of his best friends instead, but we will save that story for another day! By the time we got to […]

The Best Valentine

It’s not chocolate. It’s not roses. It’s not stuffed animals. It’s not even books.   The best Valentine is the one you didn’t ask for. May your Valentine’s Day be filled with unexpected gifts! Happy Valentine’s Day!