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It has been many months since I have written a Five Minute Friday post. I have missed the #fmfparty community, but life has changed a bit for me this past year. My relationships have grown deeper and wider in my personal life and as a result, my life is FULL. I love it, but I miss the sweetness of writing […]

I Dorable

Dearest Ainsley, You have learned so many new things lately. I find myself wanting to hold on to this time, to fix it securely in my memory, because I know I will forget. Your decade older sister is a constant reminder of how time doesn’t slow down and how memories of the baby and toddler years dim with time. I […]

Guess the Disney Movie Game

Posted by on May 16, 2014 in Demi, Parties | Comments Off on Guess the Disney Movie Game

For our baby girl’s first birthday, we took pictures of her dressed as different Disney characters. And then we played a “Guess the Movie” game at her birthday party. Now YOU get the chance to play along! Ainsley is dressed like a certain character or she represents a specific movie in the following 15 pictures. If you would like to […]

A First Birthday~ Minnie Mouse Style

There is something special about a first birthday. It is a culmination, a celebration of all of the firsts that happened over the year. The first cry. The first feeding. The first time the siblings meet the baby. The first time in a car seat. The first time she sleeps through the night. The first smile. First laugh. First tooth. […]

From Life’s First Cry to Final Breath…

Dearest Ainsley, I suspected that I was pregnant with you the day before I got on a plane to fly to Kansas for a week. Your Grandfather was not doing well health-wise, so your aunties, Grandma and I decided that we all needed to be together.  We worked it out to all be in Kansas at the same time. Getting […]