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When Your Vacation is Not What You Expected

It was nearing the end of our vacation. We had spent a wonderful, but HOT week at family camp in the Pocono mountains of Pennsylvania followed by a whirlwind trip to North Carolina to see long time friends and celebrate a baptism. As we made our way through more Pennsylvania mountains, past the amusement park that we hoped to go […]

Looking Heavenward

It was the last night of our vacation and we were all exhausted. Happy, but bone tired and so we fell into our beds with the hopes that we would actually sleep. But how does one sleep when the mattress is so thin it might as well not even be there? And how does one stay asleep if one is […]

Vacation Impressions

I will never get over… …the way the sun shines through the trees, its slanting rays dancing with the ferns on the forest floor. …the way trees look when they are silhouetted against a sun burnt sky. …the way the rain sounds as it falls softly and dramatically against the roof of a log cabin, the sides of a metal […]

100 Things My Daddy Taught Me

This coming Father’s Day will be my first without my Daddy. I could write about how much I miss him or the heart wrenching moments. I could tell you that I still feel his loss acutely. Instead, I want to focus on the things he has taught me. His legacy, his impact goes beyond the grave. And I am eternally […]

Embracing the End of the School Year

Dear End of the School Year, I feel like you get a bit of a bad rap. You with your many parties, endless papers and work, work, work. I hear things like “I’m so over you” and “will this end already?!!”. So maybe I’m the odd one here, but I kind of love you. It all started in third grade. You came along, […]