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Celebrating More, Comparing Less

By the time I was 9 years old, my family had moved 6 different times and we had lived all over the state of Pennsylvania. The summer between my 3rd and 4th grade years, we moved to a small rural town, nestled in the mountains. It was idyllic, but we were the “foreigners” in a close-knit community. Our extended family […]

Kids Bible Study Basket (#hellomornings)

This past week has been an incredibly difficult one in the parenting category.  We have been a little lax with discipline of late and as a result, we are dealing with angry outbursts, lying, bad behavior, disobedience, lack of respect, taking without asking, etc. It has been a hard week. So when I read this post (Create a HelloMornings Bible […]

My Lenten Journey

  I am fully aware that it is not Thursday. It has been that kind of week. Motivation has been elusive, but I am compelled to share this post and in this case better late than never is certainly appropriate. The Journey Begins Our family has always had many traditions that surround the Advent season~ the time leading up to Christmas. […]

Celebrate More, Compare Less

We have an epidemic in our family right now. Let’s call it the I Want What They Got Syndrome. We see it in the tears and the complaints when one of our children is given an opportunity to spend time with friends or to receive a special gift and the others do not receive the same opportunity/gift. As we sat at […]

Carrying on the Traditions

We sat by the light of the Christmas tree and started reading. I had stumbled upon the book earlier in the day and knew my kids would love it. But I didn’t really think about the memories that would come to mind as I read. I remember hearing the same story (although a shorter version) read by my Daddy so […]