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You Know You’re a Mom if…

A few days ago, Lisa-Jo (another one of my favorite bloggers!) shared a post about 100 Ways You Know You’re a Mom and then invited us to add any that she missed. I have been contemplating these things at all hours of the night as I have been feeding and snuggling my newborn. My perspective on parenting a newborn this time around […]

Why I Love Pinterest Today…

Back in February, we had three weeks of sickness. One family member would get better and the next would get sick. It was awful and being pregnant in the midst of it was no fun. But we made it through and I learned a ton of lessons (again!) about expectations (our whole winter break was spent at home) and trust […]

The Sword in the Stone~ Book for Gibson

I started planning Gibson’s “Sword in the Stone” party way back in July when I snapped this picture at Magic Kingdom. This was the picture that we used in the evite to invite all of the knights and princesses to the celebration. While I love the story of the sword in the stone, I am not particularly fond of the […]

New Year’s Eve Plans

As we close the door on another year, I can’t help reminiscing.  The snow that we have had this week only amplifies this feeling.  It seems inevitable- this need for reflection and introspection. This past year has been so FULL- full of friends and family, unforgettable trips, unexpected blessings, memories made. And so it seems that a New Year’s Eve […]

Oh, How Our Family has Grown!

1998- it was a big year!  My husband and I both graduated from Moody Bible Institute in May.  A month and a half later, we began our married lives. We lived in a tiny basement apartment in Chicago when we celebrated our first Christmas together.  We bought a little tree and decorated it with our ornaments- of which we did not have […]