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A Beauty Walk

My attempts at homeschooling my 3 year old for preschool have been put on the back burner.  I had not expected to be pregnant, but the reality is that I am tired.  And I am sick.  Constantly. My creativity and my capability are not coexisting these days.  So when asked how preschool is going, Gibson will tell you, “I’m not […]

The Big Reveal ~ Day 5

It has been a week of big reveals.  At least, they are big for me!  Today’s big reveal is the biggest one yet. Friday night, we decided to get some pictures of our family.  And so we met our dear friend (and amazing photographer), Cass  at the beautiful Highland Park right here in Rochester, NY. She took a few pictures of our family… […]

The Butterfly Garden

We have been wanting to go to The Butterfly Garden- part of Rochester’s Museum of Play– since we first discovered it last Fall. This past weekend, we did! The kids were mesmerized.  They walked around the entire time with their hands out, hoping that a butterfly would land on them. I was mesmerized too.  The intricate beauty of a butterfly is […]

Summer Days Drifting Away

I just looked at the calendar and confirmed that we have three weeks left of summer!  This is wonderful news, because I am seeing many first day of school pictures showing up in my Facebook feed and I am not ready for the kids to go back to school yet. What a relief to know that I don’t have to […]

Guess Where We’re Goin’?

We are so excited, we can barely stand up.  We’re going to Florida!!!Things will look a little bit different around here this coming week.  But I hope you will stop by every day for the surprises that you will find!Feeling incredibly blessed and overwhelmed with thankfulness as we prepare to leave for vacation.  Look forward to “seeing” you all back […]