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Celebrate More, Compare Less

We have an epidemic in our family right now. Let’s call it the I Want What They Got Syndrome. We see it in the tears and the complaints when one of our children is given an opportunity to spend time with friends or to receive a special gift and the others do not receive the same opportunity/gift. As we sat at […]

Praying for Boys

When they’re little—running to their next adventure with capes flying behind—boys don’t know how to guard their own hearts. When they’re older—pedal to the metal, and music blaring in the background—they sometimes forget about the importance of keeping their hearts safe from the world around them. But in all stages of life, moms can can do it for them—guard their […]

Ever Wild~ A Letter to My Preschooler

Dear Gibson, Every day on the way to your school, we drive on Everwild Lane. And every day, I breathe a prayer for you on that short stretch of road. I pray that you will stay ever wild. Because you are wild in all of the best possible ways. You live life with exuberance. You embrace it. You live with […]

What I Want My Kids to Know About Dating

This post is inspired by a post entitled 10 things to teach your kids before their first date.  There were some great things on these lists, but the best part was that it started me thinking about what I want MY kids to know before they begin dating.  Here are some of my thoughts… Sweet Ones, On one hand, it seems […]

What I Want My Boys to Know~ Treat Women With Respect

Sweet boys of mine, Do you have any idea how much I love the two of you?  You are both incredibly sweet.  Gibson- I love how you pick flowers for me.  The other day, you were playing outside and you came inside just to tell me that you love me.  And my heart melted.  Ethan- every night, you give me […]