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On Transitions and Growing Up

For the first 10 years of our ministry, I was a youth group leader, involved in every event, leading small groups, chaperoning on trips. I loved it. But around the 6 year mark of our youth ministry, I started having babies and it changed my level of involvement. It didn’t change my love for youth, but it did change how […]

I Dorable

Dearest Ainsley, You have learned so many new things lately. I find myself wanting to hold on to this time, to fix it securely in my memory, because I know I will forget. Your decade older sister is a constant reminder of how time doesn’t slow down and how memories of the baby and toddler years dim with time. I […]

All You Need is Love (but it might not be the kind you think)

When you’re afraid of waves       crashing in on you, or of days with ever setting suns, My love will not be enough. When you feel your feet slipping down into the deep and you’re looking for something to stand on, My love will never be enough. But when in those times you need an ear to listen or […]


The title for this post was born from my crazy thought process. The following is a letter to my kids on things I want them to know as they go to public school in Rochester, NY. Some of my all time favorite books of the Bible are the letters that the apostle Paul writes to churches in different cities throughout […]

On Going to Middle School

Dear Lindsay, You would think that hearing the words “advanced maternal age” when I was pregnant with your sister would have clued me in to the reality that I am getting older. But it still doesn’t seem possible that you are old enough to be in middle school! Maybe I should have been prepared when I discovered that I would […]