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The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From the Tree

A letter to my nearly 11 year old daughter…   Dear Lindsay, I was talking on the phone with your grandma the other day, telling her about the conference we had recently with your teacher. I told her how proud I am of you and at the same time unsure of how to help you. You are so different from […]

4 Reckless Words I Don’t Want My Kids to Use

Dear Children of Mine, I love memorizing scripture with you. “Go, but only do what I tell you”. “Do not be anxious about anything”. “Be beautiful inside, in your hearts”. “Call to me and I will answer you”. “I can do all things through Christ”. We have memorized many Bible verses through the years (although we are not so great with […]

Ever Wild~ A Letter to My Preschooler

Dear Gibson, Every day on the way to your school, we drive on Everwild Lane. And every day, I breathe a prayer for you on that short stretch of road. I pray that you will stay ever wild. Because you are wild in all of the best possible ways. You live life with exuberance. You embrace it. You live with […]


Oh, my little loves! I hope you have had the best week.  That you have listened well.  That you have followed the advice of your Daddy and obeyed your teachers.  I hope you have had fun with your friends and that you have made some good memories. It’s a choice.  Did you know that?  I know sometimes it is easy […]

You are special!

Dear ones, I hope you have had a wonderful day.  I hope and pray this because I love you so very much. Today, I want you to read one my favorite Psalms of all time.  It is… Psalm 139No matter where we are, God is always with us. Isn’t that an incredible thing?!! Read, sing and pray.  Give each other […]