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How You Say It Matters

I hear your words, spoken boldly with conviction. I know the passion that resides behind them and I get that you can’t help yourself. You are compelled to speak. But here’s the thing. Sometimes in your attempt to express your opinion, you ignore important commands in scripture. You forget to be humble and gentle (Eph. 4:2). Kindness and compassion take […]

If You Don’t Have Anything Nice To Say…

“If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” I have said this countless times since I became a parent, especially to my oldest who is still learning the concept of “filter”. We say it to combat sibling squabbles. We use it in regards to strangers (if you don’t know them, you really shouldn’t be correcting […]

We Wish You a Christ Filled Christmas

Dear Family and Friends, What a year this has been! I love the way Christmas time always brings the past year into focus, how it beckons my heart to remember all that has gone before it. This year has not been what I expected it to be in some ways. I’m not sure I was prepared for how my plans […]

Bid Thou Our Sad Divisions Cease

A few years ago, I walked through a time of hurt and betrayal. While I had been wounded in my life prior to this time, this particular period in my life wounded me more deeply than I could have imagined. In the aftermath, I responded in ways that surprised me. I began to distrust everyone. The slightest indication that someone […]

Lies We are Tempted to Believe

“I feel like I am letting God down”.  My friend’s words reverberated through the room, but before I had a chance to respond, the conversation moved in a different direction. I haven’t forgotten these words. I wanted to say something about seasons of life or maybe something about how God sees us and what He desires for us. But as […]