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Advice for my Middle School Daughter

Dear Middle School Daughter of Mine, This weekend, you became a teenager. I have thoughts of is this possible?!! and where did the time go?!!! But the truth is that 13 seems to fit you just right. It helps that you surpassed me in height this year. You have also faced some trials that have helped you to grow into yourself. Your […]

On Transitions and Growing Up

Posted by on September 01, 2015 in Letters to my Kids, Venti, What I Want My Girl to Know | Comments Off on On Transitions and Growing Up

For the first 10 years of our ministry, I was a youth group leader, involved in every event, leading small groups, chaperoning on trips. I loved it. But around the 6 year mark of our youth ministry, I started having babies and it changed my level of involvement. It didn’t change my love for youth, but it did change how […]

Pancake Daye Favorite

Most Saturdays (at least the best ones) have a slow beginning. When we finally roll out of bed, we are cheered by the reminder that it is Pancake Daye! My husband makes coffee while I find the pancake recipe for the day. I am constantly on a search for the best ever pancake recipe. I think I found it today. […]

On Going to Middle School

Posted by on September 08, 2014 in Letters to my Kids, Venti, What I Want My Girl to Know | Comments Off on On Going to Middle School

Dear Lindsay, You would think that hearing the words “advanced maternal age” when I was pregnant with your sister would have clued me in to the reality that I am getting older. But it still doesn’t seem possible that you are old enough to be in middle school! Maybe I should have been prepared when I discovered that I would […]

Looking Heavenward

It was the last night of our vacation and we were all exhausted. Happy, but bone tired and so we fell into our beds with the hopes that we would actually sleep. But how does one sleep when the mattress is so thin it might as well not even be there? And how does one stay asleep if one is […]