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Try Something New Thursdays~ Timers

Try Something New Thursdays~ Because Life Should Be Lived With Intention I love tradition. I always have. But when you always do what you have always done, life can get stuck in the comfortable (and might I suggest mundane?). I want to live my life embracing change. “Try Something New Thursdays” is my commitment to living life with intention. Every […]

Try Something New Thursdays~ A Book Review

On Christmas Day, I opened a present from my sister. As I pulled off the wrapping of “The Freedom of Self-Forgetfulness” by Tim Keller I knew what I would be doing after all of the presents were unwrapped, the baked oatmeal was eaten, the toys were being played with and the baby was napping. I grabbed my new journal and purple ink […]

Celebrate Like It’s Your Birthday!!!

Today is my birthday and so there will be lots of celebrating around these parts. Not because I’m anything special, but because God IS and He is the author of life. So we celebrate birthdays in a big way in the Daye family! My “Golden” Birthday~ 7 years ago! Of course, my son is sick and my daughter has dance […]

Try Something New Thursdays~ Favorite Things Series Part 4

We woke up to more snow this morning. It is mesmerizing and beautiful. Snow is one of my favorite things! Especially when I can sit inside and watch it fall gently out my window. My kids are in school (Western New Yorkers know how to handle the white stuff!) and my husband is at work (his commute is across the […]

Try Something New Thursdays~ Favorite Things Series 3

The best thing about having your birthday on the last day of a month is that you get to celebrate all month long!  I have been anticipating my birthday by sharing some of my favorite things like The Advent Book and my most recent favorite resources for sharing God’s Word with my kids.  Today, I will share my 3rd favorite thing (although if you […]