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AAArrghgh! All the Girls!

My daughter turns 9 on Monday.  This morning, she gave me a hug and I was struck with how TALL she is- she will soon outgrow me- and I wonder where has the time gone? We are busy planning her “Smurfette” Party and transforming our living room into a Smurf Village.  I have a tendency to go all out for parties- I […]

Try Something New Thursdays ~ Create!

Today, I stepped over the shoes piled by the back door, ignored the crayons and markers and papers and toys that have taken up residence ALL OVER my family room, and pretended like I didn’t have a basement with heaps of dirty laundry. Today, I decided to CREATE! Lindsay’s birthday is coming up and if you know me even a […]

Try Something New Thursdays~ Pineapple Vases

Ethan’s 1st grade class has been studying Rainforest animals for the past several weeks.  Yesterday was the culmination of these studies, complete with a party, crazy decorations and 22 stories written and read by each member of his class.  Phew! My boy had been looking forward to this day ever since the first notice came home.  And somewhere in the […]

Try Something New Thursdays~ Reupholster Chairs

Sometimes TWO pictures are worth a thousand words!!! Before… After… For anyone who has had the opportunity to sit in our dining room chairs, you know that we have needed to reupholster them ever since our dining room set was given to us. It has FINALLY happened and I couldn’t be happier!  They look amazing, they are comfortable, and I […]

The First Taste of Spring

Winter was a disappointment this year.  We didn’t get the 2 feet of snow per month that everyone told us to expect. So, I feel guilty about embracing Spring.  We haven’t even had winter yet! But the warm sun and the slight breeze was irresistible yesterday.  We happily embraced! I bought green peppers at the grocery store yesterday and we […]