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Lessons from Isaiah

I have been reading through Isaiah this summer and am only part of the way through. As I work through books of the Bible, I underline verses that I feel are significant. These are the verses I have underlined so far. “Stop bringing meaningless offerings.” ~Isaiah 1:13 “Stop doing wrong, learn to do right! Seek justice, encourage the oppressed, defend […]

A Spacious Place

When I was a little girl, I would often play by myself. Our home was surrounded by mountains, our neighbors were cornfields and strawberry patches. Across the street was a cemetery and the small country church where my Daddy was the pastor. It was a beautiful and inspiring place to grow up, but it felt small and insignificant. Nothing ever […]

The Sin Spectrum

I have several friends who have children on the autism spectrum. I admire the way they fight for their kids to get the help they need. They have learned that while it is important to have expectations for their children, those expectations must be tempered with compassion and discernment. I see this same heart cry in other friends who have […]

“Let us…” ~Exhortations from Hebrews

Every Sunday, I have the privilege of teaching a small group of youth girls during the Sunday School hour. We have worked through several fantastic books written by contemporary authors, but interspersed between these studies, I like to take a book of the Bible and teach through it. For some reason, God has laid Hebrews on my heart for this […]

I Will Wait

I stood at a great chasm, looking down into the heart of a volcano and I was overwhelmed by the enormity of it. Sulfur smoke rose from the chasm and billowed around us, but strangely it did not smell as horribly as other volcanic smoke I have experienced. The day was hazy and the smoke was thick making it impossible to […]