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Inclinations and Insignificance

I have been reading in Genesis lately as I prepare for my mom’s Bible study (you can read more about that here ).  This past week, I was struck by the description of the people in Noah’s time- it says in Genesis 6:5, “The LORD saw how great man’s wickedness on the earth had become, and that every inclination of the […]

Courage and Columbus

I love celebrating holidays.  The traditions, the decorations, the food, the festivity!  But Columbus day is not usually one that I celebrate with the kids.  When the day had barely started and the kids were complaining of boredom, I decided that it was time to celebrate! We decided to make boats, so the kids played dress up. Then they picked […]

Scattered and Satisfied

I’m feeling random today.  Sometimes when I feel this way, frustration sets in.  But the randomness of today has left me smiling.  So rather than writing a nice, succinct blog post, I am going to share my random thoughts with you. And if you are feeling scattered today, I hope that you will find satisfaction! 1.  I drove to the […]

Abandon and Abundance

Today I am drinking my coffee from a mug that says “Celebrate Life, Live with Abandon”.  And then I opened up my Oswald Chambers Devotional Bible for today and the reading is “The Holiness of Abandonment”. Last week, I watched the movie Strictly Ballroom (which I LOVE, but I’m not recommending it- it is quirky and weird and absolutely delightful- […]

Broken, but Beautiful

A few days ago, my daughter came home with a coil pot.  Her school has a pottery class as a part of their art curriculum.  In kindergarten, she made a very lopsided, crazily colored pinch pot.  Last year, she brought home a bright orange pinch pot with her own version of hieroglyphics scratched into it. I had assumed that pottery […]