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Traditions and Transformation

I love traditions! The coloring eggs, ham and fried chicken, sunrise service, Easter lilly, new dress kind of traditions.  I love the anticipation of Christ’s resurrection.  I love celebrating.  Singing.  Worshipping. But this year was a little different.  Some of the traditions had to be thrown out the window.  Because my daughter has an opinion about what Easter dress she […]

Self and Selflessness

Several years ago, a friend and I took our 4 children under the age of 4 on a road trip halfway across the country.  The kids were troopers and for the most part they did well.  We stayed with a dear friend of mine on our return trip home and the following morning, we loaded the kids in my friend’s […]

Hornets and Hurtful Words

At the beginning of the school year (way back in September!), Lindsay complained of having a headache and she had a fever. I decided to take her to the doctor and testing showed that she had Lyme disease. So, she missed the entire first full week of 2nd grade. Ethan was going to kindergarten, so on one of these days, […]

Expectations and Empathy

Eight years ago,  I was pregnant with Lindsay and due on May 9th.  I went in for a normal doctor’s appointment and after looking at my legs (which looked like logs- I no longer had knees at this point!) and checking my blood pressure (which was off the charts!), my doctor put me on bed rest. I was not prepared for […]

Friendships and Frustrations

Recently, a friend of ours handed my husband a check for our kid’s “Guatemala Project”. My husband showed his appreciation, but had some questions for our kids when we got home. Questions like “what in the world is the Guatemala Project?” and “how did our friend know about it?” You see, we had no idea that they had concocted this […]