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When you are on the wrong side of the church clique

I have been the new girl too many times to count.  I was a pastor’s daughter and now I am a pastor’s wife and as a result, I have lived in many different places. Although I am generally an outgoing and friendly person, the awkwardness of making new friends doesn’t really change.  Making new friends requires vulnerability, a willingness to […]

Celebrating JESUS!

I normally try to stay away from controversial issues.  I don’t like arguing.  I don’t like the physical response that I have when a conversation becomes heated. But I read this blog post last night and it is messing with me- but not in the way the author intended. The post is all about the way that we celebrate Easter […]

The Just One Conference Top Ten

For the past four weeks, I have spent Monday mornings on my couch with my laptop (and the inevitable cup of coffee!) participating in a conference for pastor’s wives and women in ministry. This conference called the Just One Virtual Conference was presented by The Leading and Loving It team .  I originally stumbled upon this conference through the incourage website […]

The Radiant Bride

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It was a beautiful wedding.   The bride was gorgeous.  The groom couldn’t stop smiling.  The church was full, the candles were lit, the saxophone was playing “La Vie en rose”. We opened the doors for the bride to walk through.  And she stepped through those doors into the love that the groom was offering with arms wide open. We watched […]

Christmas Unexpected

Christmas is my favorite time of the year.  I love the preparation.  The expectation.  The traditions, the clothes, the smells, the music, the presents.  I love the focus on Jesus and being reminded in fresh ways of the greatest gift that has ever been given. This Christmas exceeded all of my expectations.  This is in part due to what my […]