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What If I’m Not Supposed to be Amazing?

Remember the search for beauty trip that my kids and I took this weekend? This was one of the pictures that I took on that trip. It is a picture of the Erie Canal, taken from a single lane steel bridge. I made sure no one was coming, put my window down and snapped the picture without looking (my eyes were on […]

One Size Does Not Fit All

Ethan came downstairs in his gray pants with the orange stripes today. And I didn’t have the heart to tell him that his pants are a little too short. They are his favorite. Then Gibson came down in a pair of brown pants and was tripping over them. They are just a little bit too long. As I looked at […]

Can We Please Take It Up a Notch?!!

I have read several blog posts/articles lately asking fellow moms to take it down a notch. Pinterest and Instagram and Facebook give us constant access to amazing pictures of boundless creativity. And there is a pressure to “keep up” with these perceived expectations. Many moms are left feeling “less than”. May I offer a different perspective? Rather than taking it […]

5 Ways to Stay Organized…

…when disorganization is one of your weaknesses. This morning, I sat on my comfy couch and wrote in my 2013 calendar.  As I was doing this, I was reminded of something a friend of mine said to me recently- you are so organized!  It still makes me laugh, because the truth is that disorganization is one of my biggest weaknesses […]

My One Word for 2013

Last year at this time, I still felt like a newbie to the blogging world.  I read about One Word 365 and considered how choosing one word- one goal- for the year could truly impact and change my year. So, I prayed and I chose one word for 2012.  It was deliberate. As the year progressed, I was amazed at how God […]