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Choose Carefully

Have you ever read one of those “choose your own adventure” books?  I used to love reading them, but I was never content with the endings.  I always had to read every possible option.  And after reading them all, I would choose which one I liked the best. Do you ever feel that way about your life?  Do you wonder […]

Praying and Pursuing

I have this little voice that seems to follow me.  The voice that says things like “you’re not good enough” and “who do you think YOU are?” and “you won’t succeed.  Why even try?”. This voice has been loud this summer.  It has been loud, because I have been praying about my purpose and my goals.  I have started to […]


She knows what she wants to do.  The monkey bars are taunting her.  And she wants to master them. So she climbs the rock wall again and again.  She hangs and falls and does it again. She reminds me of another girl who did the exact same thing just a few short years ago.  Every day at recess, she would […]

How Beautiful are the Feet…

…of those who bring good news!  ~Romans 10:15 Vacation Bible School begins tonight at Orchard Community Church in Rochester, NY. I am teaching the 4th through 6th graders and I am very excited about this.  And slightly in disbelief.  Because my daughter will be in my class and this does not seem possible! I distinctly remember teaching her class when […]

Planting a Garden, Planting a Life

Posted by on June 26, 2012 in Finding my Purpose | Comments Off on Planting a Garden, Planting a Life

One of the first things that I fell in love with in our new home is our backyard.  It is spacious and fenced in.  The perfect landscape for a garden. About a month ago, I grabbed a shovel and got to work.  It was tough digging up the grass.  The roots were strong and deep.  The dirt was dry and […]