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It’s my favorite!

Sometimes she just wants a kiss.  And so instead of asking for the magic word, she points to her cheek. Kisses are the currency of motherhood.  The older two will still give kisses.  But she knows that it probably won’t last much longer.  There are already eye rolls and grudging motions.  But when night time creeps in, her heart thrills to the scrawny arms […]

Can I talk to you about something?

His big brown eyes looked imploringly into mine.  “Mommy, can I talk to you about something?” Of course, baby!  I moved over on the couch and covered him with a blanket.  What’s on your mind? “I feel like I am losing a part of myself every time that I lie.”  There were tears behind his words. I knew where they […]

Stream of Consciousness

Day 17 of the Better Writer Challenge – stream of consciousness… I love having a clean house.  I appreciate an organized space.  I have Pinterest boards dedicated to these things. So, I wonder why my house so seldom reflects this love and appreciation?  Perhaps it is the result of 5 impetuous, on the go family members.  Maybe it’s the reality […]

Brainstorming Easter Plans

Posted by on March 27, 2012 in Creative with the Kids, Writing Challenge | Comments Off on Brainstorming Easter Plans

My brainstorms seldom get written down.  But the fact that I have hurricanes and tornados running rampant in my head, probably means that this exercise of writing down my brainstorms is beneficial. It is Day 16 of the Better Writer challenge from the Allume Blog .  Today’s challenge is to brainstorm 2 topics and then share the results.  I will […]

Better Writer Challenge

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One of my goals for 2012 is to attend a blogging conference.  I want to develop this passion that God has placed on my life, so last week I signed up for a conference in October.  I am both excited and scared.  Does that make sense? The conference is called Allume Social and the tagline is “Living out the Light […]