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Shootings and Selfishness

We sat around the dinner table as a family, using a recent gift of conversation starters. The question was “If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?” Our oldest without hesitation answered, “My selfishness!”. I tried not to make a big deal of this answer in the moment, because I have a tendency to get overly effusive and with […]

The Freedom of Admitting Imperfection~ Road Trip Reflections

Seventy two hours. It’s a huge number, especially when those hours involve a road trip, when they mark the time spent in a minivan. Thirteen movies. Some watched more than once. Because who can resist a cute little two year old when she says, “Watch a wovie?”. Forty eight state, two Indian nation, five Canadian province and one District of […]

When “I Think I Can” Just Isn’t Good Enough

I have a million thoughts swirling through my brain at any given moment, but lately I have not been able to express those thoughts in a coherent or meaningful way. This leaves my soul reeling, longing for a return to writing. And so, I am going to make a feeble attempt today. We’ll see how this goes. My inability to […]

Lessons Learned Lately

Life has been busy. It has been the good kind of busy, but still. My heart longs for quiet and rest. Nearly four years ago when my family moved to Rochester, NY, life slowed down for me. It was in that time of deliberate break taking that I discovered the way that I want to live. I don’t want life […]

What’s Your Thing?

Who thought that choosing dignity as their one word for the year would be a good idea? Apparently, I did, but what has become evident to me over the course of the past few months is that focusing on dignity is painful excruciating. It has forced me to look deeply at the ugly parts of myself, to peel back the facade of my life, […]