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How Do You Raise Healthy Kids?

It’s a question I ask myself on a daily basis. Every time I make lunches, prepare snacks, plan dinner. Are my kids eating enough of the healthy stuff? Every time I say no to video games and yes to rollerblading. Are my kids active enough? Every time I encourage my kids to create, to make music, to play with play […]

I’m Superior To You

A controversy around the issue of white privilege and racism has brought my alma mater, Moody Bible Institute, to the forefront on this issue that continues to plague our country and the Church (you can read about the controversy here). On one hand, it breaks my heart. I loved my school and all of the lessons I learned there. Seeing […]

How to Train Your Tween and Toddler~ Simultaneously!

Bottles and Bras. Diaper Cream and Makeup. Learning to walk and learning to shave legs. Baby dolls and Barbie dolls. Lift the flap books and chapter books. Trying to get one to stay IN bed and trying to get the other OUT of bed! There is a decade between my two girls. My oldest turns 12 this spring and the […]

Why We Encourage Our Kids to Have Sleepovers

I have read several articles recently about parents making the decision to not allow their children to sleep over at other homes. These articles have been well written and they express many valid points. They address our depraved and messed up culture and seek to answer the question can anything good happen after midnight? As a parent who desires to raise […]

This Grace of Giving

“Mommy, what do I have to give in order to get a remote control helicopter?” His question was sincere. I had just sent the kids upstairs to look through their toys and find ones that they could give away. My local MOPS group is hosting a gently used toy giveaway event in order to bless a teen moms group. It is […]