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She handed me a stack of papers, ones that I should have seen days (weeks?) ago, and once again I am drowning. Under the weight of papers commitments expectations judgments opinions assumptions. The boxes have piled up, the to-do lists, the record sheets, somehow all getting lost under the other pressing (more important?) needs. I want to thrive. Instead, I […]

Finding the Magical in the Mundane

I was sitting on the couch reading, the dreariness of the day conducive to a time of reflection and repose. But soon my reading was interrupted by a voice beckoning me. Mommy, there is a bug on the window. Come see! This invitation was one that I was about to dismiss as seeing a bug was about the last thing […]

One Word 2016

We are already a week into the new year, but I feel about 3 weeks behind. It’s how my life has been lately. That’s what buying a house, renovating it and moving during the busiest time of the year will do to you. But as I sit fireside in our new home, I am grateful for all of it. What […]