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Life feels like walking a tightrope lately. I take steps, but I feel uncertain. Fragile. Like I could fall at any moment. The unsteadiness makes me question everything. Will I make it? Will I fall? Will anyone be there to catch me? I feel sad and anxious. But then I look behind me and there they are. My best friends. […]

Racial Reconciliation

My husband and I lived in Chicago for six years after we graduated from college. For most of that time, I worked at a local bank and I loved the racial diversity among my co-workers and our customers. I had grown up in a predominantly white community, but my Mom, who had been a missionary in Mexico prior to becoming […]

Take Courage!

Our family attended a winter camp a few weeks ago and the theme of the weekend was based on the book of Daniel. The focus was on courage in the face of difficulty and the speaker helped us to cement the theme in our minds by using a call and response. Courage (aarrr- in your best pirate voice!) is not […]

Glass Heads

Early on in our marriage, my husband and I attended a seminar that left a lasting impact on us. The speaker was talking about communication in relationships and as she was speaking, she set a glass head on the table in front of us. She proceeded to talk about how none of us has a glass head which means that […]

Live With Wonder

This picture captured one of my favorite moments of all time. We had just finished a Fall family photo shoot with one of my best friends when we shared with her that we were planning to surprise the kids with what we hoped would be exciting news. As we pulled out the Thing 1, Thing 2 and Thing 3 t-shirts, […]