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Live in Harmony

There’s a great verse in Romans 12 that commands us to “Live in harmony with one another” (verse 16, ESV).  I have always loved singing harmony. From my earliest memories, I would try to copy the alto line that my Mom would sing. My sisters and I would sing three part harmony together and I loved blending my voice with theirs. […]


I am surrounded by love constantly. I’m loved and I know this. But in the past year, I have been written off by people I thought were the life-long friend sort. And then I lost my Mom and it compounded the grief of losing loved ones because they chose to walk away from me. How does one recover from this […]

I am the Luckiest!

  Hearing people say, “I am the luckiest!” has a tendency to make us cringe for a couple of reasons. If we are followers of Christ, it makes us cringe because we don’t believe that luck has anything to do with it. Our lives are led by a Sovereign God who is in control and has a plan for each […]

Broken. Shattered.

My littlest broke a glass jar this morning. It shattered into a million pieces and just about as many tears poured from her beautiful brown eyes. Broken. Shattered. Many of us feel that way right about now, don’t we? We’ve been trying to keep it together, to be strong, but after making it past the countless obstacles of this past […]


Did you wake up this morning thinking that everything is going exactly how you want it to go and you are completely satisfied with life? It’s doubtful that any of us could answer this in the affirmative. In fact, I don’t think we’re supposed to. This life is full of joys, but it’s also full of sorrows. Just when one […]