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Five Minute Friday~ Change

My life changed that night a year ago nearly to the day. But the truth is it had been changing for many years. I had slowly been losing the man who had taught me so many of my firsts. The one who taught me how to ride a bike and then was there to lift me up and carry me […]

100 Things My Daddy Taught Me

This coming Father’s Day will be my first without my Daddy. I could write about how much I miss him or the heart wrenching moments. I could tell you that I still feel his loss acutely. Instead, I want to focus on the things he has taught me. His legacy, his impact goes beyond the grave. And I am eternally […]

Five Minute Friday~ Hands

I walked into the nursing home by my sister’s side. She took me there to show me where our Daddy had been living for the past 10 months. When you live hundreds of miles away from your loved ones, you can accept that certain things need to happen. Logically. I knew my Daddy needed to be in a nursing home. […]

Five Minute Friday~ Nothing Compares

The hallways were white and sterile. The smell of sickness was stifling. And I was at the height of my selfishness, a sophomore in high school, completely caught up in my own stuff. But my Daddy was sick. It all felt surreal. My strong, vibrant Dad. The man who I looked up to and sought out for wisdom and compassion […]

From Life’s First Cry to Final Breath…

Dearest Ainsley, I suspected that I was pregnant with you the day before I got on a plane to fly to Kansas for a week. Your Grandfather was not doing well health-wise, so your aunties, Grandma and I decided that we all needed to be together.  We worked it out to all be in Kansas at the same time. Getting […]