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Happy Birthday, Daddy!

Dear Daddy, January has always been my favorite month. All of the fanfare of Christmas would end, but in our house, the celebrating continued. As soon as Christmas was over, you would start talking about the Birthday Boy and the Birthday Girl. And we would share a knowing smile. January. Our birthday month. Today is your first birthday since you […]

Carrying on the Traditions

We sat by the light of the Christmas tree and started reading. I had stumbled upon the book earlier in the day and knew my kids would love it. But I didn’t really think about the memories that would come to mind as I read. I remember hearing the same story (although a shorter version) read by my Daddy so […]

Gifts in the Grieving

I sat in a small waiting room filled with parents and little girls in leotards. It was audition day for the Nutcracker. My daughter and her friend were nervous, but excited for the opportunity. Lindsay had been dreaming of dancing in the Nutcracker since before she started taking dance classes- over three years ago. Numbers 112 and 113 were called […]

31 Days of Letter Writing~ Day 24

Wishing we could have a chat… A Letter to my Daddy… Dearest Daddy, It has been 2 months since I received the middle of the night phone call telling me that you had gone home to be with Jesus at last. I was expecting the call. And I had been preparing my heart for years for that news. But here […]

It was a MIRACLE of GOD

There will be many memorial services today remembering those who sacrificed their lives trying to save others. The horrific events of September 11, 2001 are still vivid in many of our minds. Too many lives were lost and our country was shaken to its very core.In the aftermath of 9/11, there was an increase in church attendance. How does one […]