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Get Used to Disappointment

  The sun was blazing against my back as I bent over a pump, the arduous task of blowing air into a blow up pool my goal for the afternoon. My son was in his swimsuit as soon as we arrived home with the new $20 pool. His excitement was contagious and my heart was almost bursting with the joy […]

Praying for Boys

When they’re little—running to their next adventure with capes flying behind—boys don’t know how to guard their own hearts. When they’re older—pedal to the metal, and music blaring in the background—they sometimes forget about the importance of keeping their hearts safe from the world around them. But in all stages of life, moms can can do it for them—guard their […]

31 Days of Letter Writing~ Day 22

A Letter to my 8 year old boy… Dear Ethan, We watched a movie this week and as the movie ended and the music played, I pulled you out of your seat and swung you around. You rolled your eyes at me, but I knew that you loved it, because later you squeezed me tight and said Mommy, I love […]

Minecraft Birthday Party

He was turning 8 and knew exactly what kind of birthday party he wanted to have. For those of you who have never heard about Minecraft, you should know that it is a video game that allows players to create worlds and if my family is any indication, it is quite addictive. If you do play Minecraft, you can probably […]

Five Minute Friday~ Kids’ Edition- "In Between"

Here are my kids 5 minutes on the prompt “in between”…In Between~ by Lindsay, age 10 Cousins at Gibson’s 3rd birthday party Right now, my family is in between the time when my cousins leave their house and the time they arrive at  our house.  My cousins- Emily, Josh, Rebekah, and Meghan – are awesome!!! But my favorite is Meghan.  Of course, she […]