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Now we ask you, brothers and sisters, to acknowledge those who work hard among you, who care for you in the Lord and who admonish you. Hold them in the highest regard in love because of their work.

1 Thessalonians 5:12,13

“We’re going to our friends house for lunch!” , they laughed as they told me the news.

For some reason, my sisters always found out important information before I did. I was the baby of the family and so I was usually the last to know.

But this was some of my favorite news. Our home was one of rhythm and routine, the results of my Dad’s alcoholism prior to his dramatic conversion and pastoral ministry. We kept to a schedule, because it is how my Daddy needed it to be.

So to have a spontaneous lunch with friends was the best news ever! We loved going to our friend’s house where they would use the best china, where we were included in the adult conversation and where we always had delicious food.

Sundays are exhausting for a pastor’s family! Growing up, it was a tradition to serve the biggest meal of the week on Sunday after church. My mama did a great job, but Sunday afternoons meant that we were all wiped out. And no one really wanted to cook food and we certainly didn’t want to wash dishes (my Daddy had decided that he would never buy a dishwasher, because he had three girls!).

Now that I am the pastor’s wife, I admit to you that I have not carried on this tradition. I try to plan ahead so that we have a nice meal that is not too difficult to prepare, but often we end up eating something super simple.

Every pastor’s family is different and so others might tell you exactly the opposite (which is why it is so important to get to know your pastor’s family!), but for me, I STILL get the same giddy excitement I had when I was a kid when someone invites our family either out or over for lunch after church.

Sunday mornings can be very difficult because the pastor and his wife want to talk with everyone, to greet each person and to have meaningful conversations. It’s just not possible. So, the opportunity to talk with others over a nice meal is wonderful.

You might think the pastor is tired after Sunday morning services. This is probably true. But it is also probably true that he would welcome a nice meal with friends.

Side note- We have 6 people in our family now, so we realize that we have a tendency to overwhelm folks. We do not expect others to pay for us when we go out to eat. I know that can be an awkward issue. So, if that is a way that you choose to bless your pastor’s family, that is awesome. But if you can’t afford this, PLEASE know that this is not expected. We want to be treated like friends!

Ask your pastor and/or his wife how they feel about Sundays. And if they are like our family, ask them to go out for lunch with you! The added bonus is that you will get to hear what the pastor really thought about his sermon. And his kids will think you are the coolest people ever and will cherish memories with you for now and always.


Way 26: Ask your pastor and his family out or over for lunch after church on Sunday.