Why I Love Pinterest Today…

Back in February, we had three weeks of sickness. One family member would get better and the next would get sick. It was awful and being pregnant in the midst of it was no fun.

But we made it through and I learned a ton of lessons (again!) about expectations (our whole winter break was spent at home) and trust (God’s plan IS perfect) and being refined (I’ll save that for another post!).

Spring break is next week, so based on how our year has been going, it seems appropriate that I received a call from Lindsay’s school yesterday telling me that she had a fever. Apparently, God wants me to learn some more lessons about releasing my control and my expectations.

Lindsay has been home again today and in our attempts to get rid of this sickness as quickly as possible, she has been sequestered in her room for most of the day.

I have discovered that when I have a sick child in the home, it is hard to be motivated.

I had errands that I wanted to run today… I am doing laundry instead.

I wanted to write and work on my April project… this blog post is the best I can hope for today.

I had planned to meet with a dear friend for our weekly accountability/book study time… I took a nap instead.

So when Gibson asked me for a snack this morning, I was out of ideas. Not that he wouldn’t have been satisfied with a banana, but it is hard for a four year old to have his sister at home and not be able to play with her (they spent a portion of the morning with Lindsay playing on her bed and Gibson playing in the hallway- it was sweet, but heart wrenching). And so, I wanted to do something special for him.

We logged onto Pinterest (my kids LOVE it!) and found the coolest snack for a four year old boy!  My friend Heather (from Cultivated Lives– a beautiful blog!!!) shared this pin. Gibson immediately wanted to try it!

Here are the results…

…our banana airplane! We used yogurt for the clouds and it was a huge hit.

And this is why I love Pinterest. Even when I am feeling completely unmotivated, I can find a million ways to be inspired.

How about you? Do you use Pinterest? What do you like about it?