A Big Hero 6 Party

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Our sweet Gibson was turning 6 (hard to believe!), so a Big Hero 6 party seemed like the obvious choice. As luck would have it, the movie was released on DVD the week of his party.

And so the  planning began.

Gibson has as many “girl”friends as boys, which simply meant that this had the potential to be a large party. As a result, we decided to host the party in our church gym. We planned to have a bounce house, but those plans were thwarted due to obscene amounts of snow throughout the entire month of February (which meant our friends did not have access to the bounce house in their barn).

This didn’t stop us. I started drawing Baymax’s eyes on EVERYTHING! I searched everywhere for red lollipops. I printed out coloring sheets from my Big Hero 6 Pinterest board. The day of the party finally came.

As Gibson’s friends arrived, we invited them into a room to watch the movie and color their favorite Big Hero 6 character. Once everyone was there, we headed to the gym for an obstacle course.

Big Hero obstacle course

It was a huge success. Each obstacle represented one of the characters from the movie. As Honey Lemon, the kids had to throw a ball into a tube. The next obstacle was sliding on a scooter, like Go-Go. Next they had to take two Nerf swords and slash their way through some blocks, reminiscent of Wasabi. We decorated a hula hoop with red crepe paper, so that it would look like fire when they twirled it- much like the “fire breathing” Fred. We set up a bunch of tubes and play huts to represent the city of San Fransokyo and the kids were able to explore it like Hiro (without the flying on Baymax part, which would have been really cool!). The last obstacle was to shoot balloons with a toy Baymax fist.

Obstacle Course

After everyone had a chance to go through the course, they just kept going and going. It was pretty cute!

But what’s a birthday party without cake, right?!!

Big Hero cake

I came up with this idea after searching for Baymax cake ideas. I wanted the cake to say “Our Big Hero is 6” from the very beginning, but the Baymax face was a fun addition. The cake itself is a brownie. The Baymax helmet is a sugar cookie, cut to look like the helmet. Three weeks later and my fingers are still numb from piping the icing, but it was worth it!

Big Hero Gibson

In addition to the cake, I made red velvet cupcakes and had twizzlers and marshmallows. After drawing over 100 Baymax eyes, I refrained from piping eyes onto the marshmallows per my original plan!

Big Hero dessert table

Big Hero Desserts

Red Velvet


After dessert and opening presents, it was time for the pinata. To be honest with you, I do not like pinatas. Especially with little ones, but it was the one thing Gibson requested. Instead of whacking it with a stick, my husband made up a plot line- the cupcake pinata was an evil villain that needed to be destroyed. Each child had the opportunity to shoot the villain with the Baymax fist toy. It didn’t work to actually break open the pinata, but no one was hurt during this process, so we consider it a success! And everyone enjoyed the candy and little toys, so happiness all around!


Pinata attempts

Pinata scrambling

After all of this crazy fun, there was more playing and more movie watching. Our Big Hero enjoyed turning 6!

Mommy, Daddy, Gibson


We love our sweet 6 year old! Happy birthday, Gibson!!!

As all of Gibson’s friends left, they were given a travel sized first aid kit (The Dollar Store) with Baymax’s eyes, of course! I taped a red lollipop onto each case. Now all of Gibson’s friends have their very own personal health care assistant.

Big Hero First Aid


Whether you plan a Big Hero 6 party or if this simply gives you ideas for a fun movie viewing, I hope you are inspired. Our whole family loves this movie. It is one that we will watch over and over again.

And we will forever associate Big Hero 6 with Gibson’s 6th birthday!