Seagulls in Snowstorms


Seagulls in snowstorms,

And tan lines and gloves,

Rochester near Spring time-

A crazy land that I love.

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We have had a little bit of snow in Western New York these past couple of days. To think that last Thursday, we used the grill to make chicken fajitas, because we lost power for 3 days! The Thursday before that, we were sun-kissed in Mexico. And the Thursday before that? Our water heater quit and Dave spent the day before we left for a cruise replacing it.


To say it has been a strange few weeks would be an understatement. Through it all, I am grateful for a husband who works hard to take care of our family. I am grateful for God’s timing, for protecting our kids while we were gone and for not allowing any major issues (failing water heater, power outage, blizzard!) to occur while we were out of the country. I am grateful for a gas fireplace, reading by candlelight, puzzles, generators, friends who love us well, good attitudes, a calm between storms for ease in grocery shopping, not missing any school days besides our scheduled ones, a puppy who loves the snow and being snowed in with my family.

This Thursday, we will be snow blowing our way out of a storm and next Thursday, it will be Spring.

Will we make it? Fingers crossed and a whole lot of prayer!

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