New Year’s Eve Plans

As we close the door on another year, I can’t help reminiscing.  The snow that we have had this week only amplifies this feeling.  It seems inevitable- this need for reflection and introspection.
This past year has been so FULL- full of friends and family, unforgettable trips, unexpected blessings, memories made.
And so it seems that a New Year’s Eve celebration needs to reflect this fullness.  But rather than have a big blow out party (which seems an appropriate celebration), we are instead planning a simple, just our family celebration.  It fits!
We are full with the memories of a truly amazing year and we have been blessed with a full home over the past week.  We need the opportunity to just be the Daye family- just the 6 of us as my husband has said (and Gibson feels that we need to include the Christmas tree which means we have 7- 3 year old math!).
Baby Daye makes 6!

And so, we are making plans for our New Year’s Eve celebration.  There will be pizza (Chicago Style Pizza to be exact!).  We’ll probably enjoy some popcorn popped on the stove with lots of salt and butter while we watch a special movie.  There will be fun decorations that the kids will make.  We’ll have noise makers and party hats and we’ll ring in the New Year at 9 PM eastern (with a dance party!).
And then, we’ll read with the kids and send them to bed.
My husband and I will probably pick a “Mommy and Daddy” movie and enjoy bringing in the new year together.  With every sleepless night that I have, we are made more and more aware of how our lives will change again in a few short months as we welcome another newborn into the house.  And so, we embrace the times that we get to be just us.
I expect that New Year’s Day will be restful with a late breakfast.  There will probably be lots of play, books to be read and children to snuggle.  Our main meal will be pork, sauerkraut and mashed potatoes- a tradition from my side of the family.
What will 2013 hold for us?  I don’t know exactly, but I am excited to find out.
How will you be celebrating the new year?