All My Ducks in a Row

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The choreography was exquisite,

the music sublime,

the costumes impeccably matched to the performance.

All that remained was for the participants to learn their parts.

At first, they did—

with wonder and awe they stepped onto the stage,

they wobbled and toppled,

and got up and tried again.

They stretched beautifully here

and leaped elegantly there,

moving effortlessly with the expectations,

hitting all of the right notes in the right timing.

But soon there was a shift;

this one started to lean heavily in the direction of improvisation,

that one wanted more hip-hop and dub step;

when he would move in one direction

she would move in the other.

It wasn’t long before the choreography was forgotten,

the steps that had been meticulously prepared

by the one who thought she knew the way it should be.

Except she didn’t.

What began to unfold was beyond her imaginings.

She soon realized her plan had been too small,

her expectations limited,

her thoughts flawed.

Her choreography had been planned before she met the dancers,

and she soon discovered

that was not her job after all.

Instead her role was to introduce her troupe

to the master Choreographer, the grand Composer, the supreme Costume Designer.

When she relinquished control,

she saw clearly for the first time.

Her vantage point was not meant to be from behind the curtain;

now it was from the best seat in the house.

For a long time now, I have referred to my children as my little ducks, reminding them when we are out and about to follow close behind me. But the older they get, the more obvious it becomes that I do not have my “ducks” in a row, nor do I want them to be. They are each unique, designed by their Creator to fulfill their own destinies. When I remember to get out of the way of His work in their lives, I stand back in amazement. His plan is always better! Always.

As their Mom, I’m so grateful for the “best seat in the house” tickets that I hold! I can’t wait to watch the glorious unfolding of God’s plan in their lives!