Try Something New (Again)

Remember when I used to write “Try Something New Thursdays” posts? It’s been awhile since I have been in any kind of blogging rhythm and I miss it. And so, I decided that I would write one of these posts this week. Except now it’s Friday. But I’m going to write it anyway.

Trying something new and being intentional about it is important. We have a tendency to get stuck doing the same things over and over again and this usually leads to feeling uninspired in our lives. Trying something new can break through those barriers and allow us to live with excitement and inspiration.

Each new year brings an opportunity to refocus and to live with intention. Trying something new doesn’t have to be a huge thing. In fact, often it’s the little things like trying a new recipe or drawing a picture with your kids that can be the kick start to inspired living rather than attempting a huge project and then feeling like a failure when you don’t follow through.

Several years ago, I saw an idea on Pinterest to start a Mommy-Daughter journal and write notes back and forth to each other. I thought this would be a great idea since my daughter loves to write, so I purchased a cute journal and we started writing notes to each other. It was great at first, but it quickly fizzled out. Perhaps she was too young or more likely it failed because it was my idea and not one that she was invested in.

Fast forward to this past Fall and my daughter asked for a journal for Christmas specifically for the purpose of writing back and forth to each other. It thrilled my heart! My daughter is my strong-willed one and we often struggle in our relationship. For her to invite me to speak into her life is a blessing, because too often it can feel like I am constantly correcting her. It’s not how I want it to be.

I purchased a journal right away, not waiting for Christmas! We began writing to each other again and getting a glimpse into her thoughts and her ability to communicate through the written word is beautiful. I wondered if it would once again fizzle out, but last night, the journal was propped on my bed.


“Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.” ~Benjamin Franklin

Sometimes we are tempted to think that our efforts have been wasted. We tried something new, but it didn’t succeed and it certainly didn’t have any lasting effect. But I’m discovering that one of the gifts of parenting is finding that our efforts are never wasted. We might think that our efforts are for the moment, but often the rewards are not experienced until much later. Our first Mommy-Daughter journal failed. But now our Mom-Daughter journal has the potential to be incredibly meaningful.

Try something new every week. You never know what the impact might be. Live inspired. It will encourage others to want to live fully as well!

What is something new that you are trying?


  1. Cindy Kirby
    January 12, 2019

    Thank you Becky what a great idea! It sounds to me that your lovely daughter got her singing voice and writing abilities from her beautiful mom!


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