Open Our Eyes

When Isaiah saw Jesus as the divine King, it put an end to his self-righteous pride. It put an end to his self-protecting anxiety. It put an end to his self-condemning woes. It filled him with Christ-exalting confidence that the divine King is on his throne, and this King will see to it that his purposes are accomplished. Oh, how you and I need to see this divine King! How we need a vision of this divine King to put an end to our pride, our anxieties, our self-condemnation. So we pray: Open our eyes to see you, Jesus, in such a way that your royal glory can’t be unseen. (Nancy Guthrie, The Word of the Lord, pg. 124)


This paragraph from the book my women’s Bible study is currently working through resonated deeply with me when I read it last week. Yesterday, I listened to an episode from the Chatologie podcast where Angie Elkins interviewed Jen Wilkin. The entire interview is worth listening to, but at one point, Jen said something about how we often come to Bible study to learn what the Bible has to say about us, but we should start by seeking what the Bible says about God.

When our focus is on ourselves, we look for what applies to us and we take verses out of context to fit with how we want to view scripture. And then we wonder why we can’t seem to get over our pride, our anxieties and our self-condemnation. But when we fix our gaze on God, our perspective is lifted from our circumstances and we begin to see all things from the viewpoint of what God can do rather than living under the hopelessness and helplessness of what we know we are incapable of doing on our own.

There are many times I wish that I could unsee things, so this prayer of Nancy Guthrie continues to ring true in my heart.

Open our eyes to see you, Jesus, in such a way that your royal glory can’t be unseen.

My “one word” for the year is “inclinations” and as I ponder these things, I’m praying that I will be inclined to consistently seek to know God’s character and his heart before I race ahead to what I want to learn about myself.

What has God been teaching you?!!




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