Spread Kindness

Posted by on March 31, 2021 in Lent 2021 | Comments Off on Spread Kindness

I was not going to write about this topic today. The kids and I went on a fantastic hike earlier and I was inspired to write about so many different topics.

But then this happened.

Our neighbors left a snow blower on the side of the road and a lady stopped to take it. My husband was watching her and quickly realized that she was not going to be able to lift the snow blower into her vehicle. So he grabbed my son and they both ran out to offer assistance.

My husband did not do this to be acknowledged, but the truth is he does things like this all of the time that no one knows about. But God sees it all.

Spreading kindness is such a simple thing and in this world that is full of horrible news, we need to be reminded of the good that is still in this world. There are still men of integrity and honor out there, men who are leading their sons through their godly example. There are young men growing up knowing that they need to respect women and value them. They are learning to live unselfishly and sacrificially, because they have men pointing them to the example of Jesus.

As women, we don’t need to diminish men in order to feel like we are equals. Instead, we need to celebrate the men who are honorable and humble and kind. We need to value them and then we get to be the incredibly blessed recipients of their kindness and love.

We heard “Revolutionary” by Josh Wilson on the radio today and I think it’s a message that we all need to hear:

Why does kindness seem revolutionary?
When did we let hate get so ordinary?
Let’s turn it around, flip the script
Judge slow, love quick
God help us get revolutionary!

Let’s get revolutionary. Let’s spread kindness!