Tastes Like My Childhood

A few days ago, a friend of mine shared a recipe for Peanut Butter Eggs and it brought back so many memories for me. These homemade eggs are a Pennsylvania tradition, one that I realized I needed to pass along to my kids.

But there’s a problem. I am terrible at anything related to candy making. Tempering chocolate is not my gift and my creations are sloppy at best. I would try to help my Mom when I was younger, but you could always tell which ones were mine! And so I gave up trying at some point.

Now my Mama is gone and I find myself wanting to honor her memory in whatever way I can. This Easter, it’s with homemade peanut butter eggs.

The kids went shopping with me to gather all of the ingredients and then we all worked together to make a massive amount of peanut butter eggs. It went quickly with very little complaining and a whole lot of mess! I didn’t have a moment to get pictures of the kids, because we were all covered in chocolate and laughing our way through it. Turns out, they’re as terrible as me!

Grandma would have been delighted.

We laughed again as we got the eggs out of the fridge to sample after lunch today. They are misshapen and imperfect and delicious!!

I read a quote from my Gospel Transformation Bible yesterday that is sticking with me. It was in the commentary section of the book of Job. This is what I read:

“God’s purposes are eternal as he weans us from earth and woos us to heaven.”

Our failures and our imperfections are meant to give us a longing for something more. This life is not all that there is! My Mom was able to make some perfect peanut butter eggs, but I guarantee she would tell my kids not to seek perfection in this life, but instead to long for all that awaits us!

I love the way traditions connect us to our past, but also teach us lessons about our future if we’re willing to learn them.

We’ll probably never make the perfect peanut butter egg, but we will continue to honor our family heritage and keep those connections strong.

We love you, Mom/Grandma!

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