Stay in Your Lane

Recently I watched an interview between the lovely Emily P. Freeman and the equally delightful Annie F. Downs. I have been reading and listening to posts from Emily since the very beginning of my blogging days and to know Emily is to know Annie. I am always inspired when I hear their words.

This time was no exception.

In the course of the interview, Annie said something truly beautiful that is sticking with me. She said that it’s important to stay in your lane, to know what your mission in life is and then to live out of that. Then she said this- staying in your lane allows you to cheer for others who are staying in theirs. You don’t have to feel threatened by others who are living out their purpose. Knowing your mission means you can celebrate the success of others. While their lane might look similar to yours, we ALL have our own lanes. Our circle of influence is unique to us. No one else can claim our combination of strengths and giftings. This frees us to live faithfully to our mission and to be genuinely happy when others are living faithful to theirs.

This concept is so beautiful to me, because I have watched what jealousy does to working relationships. I have observed the results of someone feeling threatened and then feeling a need to minimize or diminish another’s giftings and abilities. It’s so ugly which makes the idea of celebrating others even more beautiful.

I have heard the concept of “stay in your lane” many times in my life, but this added piece of it, to celebrate others along the way, excites me. When others are critical of me, but I know I am staying in my lane, I can let go of trying to live up to their expectations. After all, they are not the ones I am trying to please. Galatians 1:10- Am I now trying to win the approval of men or of God or am I trying to please men? If I were still trying to please men, I would not be a servant of Christ. When others celebrate my success (defined as staying in my lane!), then I can know that they too are living faithful to their calling.

So stay in your lane and celebrate those who are staying in theirs!

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