Always Keep Dreaming

Dear Ainsley,

Yesterday you came downstairs and told me that you had the best dream ever. You proceeded to tell me your dream and I decided to record it, because it’s one of those dreams that I think you will want to remember. Here it is:

Some men were walking through a swamp when giant octopus arms came out of the water and grabbed them. The leader knelt in the water and prayed. He said, ” Lord, calm their souls.” His prayer encouraged everyone to pray and as a result, the octopus arms released the men and they found shelter.

As you relayed this story to me, your eyes were bright with excitement. You told me that your dream was about the gospel. Knowing that God will always protect and save those who cry out to him boosted your faith. You couldn’t stop talking about the gospel!

Ainsley, I pray that you would always live with this wide eyed wonder! I pray that God would continue to reveal truths of himself to you. You are right. He will protect you and he will save you, not from giant octopus arms, but from the sin that so easily entangles. You will face difficulty in this life, but you can know that the Lord will hear your cries for help. And he will be with you in the midst of any difficulty you face.

Isn’t it incredible to know that Jesus loved you so much that he was willing to die in your place, to take your sins upon himself? He died, but death has no power over Jesus! He rose again and now he lives offering eternal life to all who would believe. This is the gospel. It is the good news that changes everything. It is the news that allows you to walk in hope, to know the protection and salvation of God.

May you always walk with him, crying out to him, trusting him!

I love you, sweet little dreamer!



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