Who Knows Mom Best?

Mother’s day always feels like a bit of a letdown to me. Anyone else?

I have learned over the years to let go of expectations. I have some pretty fabulous kids and a wonderful husband, but they’re not perfect. And they don’t always know what I want in any given moment. How could they? I don’t always know what I want either!

But this Mother’s day, I found an idea on Pinterest to give the same questions to all of your kids and see what answers they come up with. I looked at the questions and thought it might be fun now that all of my kids can read! Turns out that one of the things they received from me was a competitive nature! They all got right to work to figure out the best answers.

I meant to answer the questions myself first, but forgot to do that. They started returning their sheets and I realized that they all had different answers for pizza toppings and favorite movies, but they were all right! Yes, I do like sausage and mushrooms, but I also love Margherita pizza. I equally love “The Princess Bride”, “Leap Year” and “Pride and Prejudice”.

As I read their answers, I found myself feeling so loved and so known. It was a gift that I hadn’t expected. When the final scores were tallied, they all had the same score even though they all got different questions wrong!

Sometimes motherhood can feel so lonely. I’m not sure that they appreciate all of the things I do that from my perspective go unnoticed. The number of times I pick up blankets or hang up coats or sweep the floor. The amount of time devoted to planning meals, grocery shopping and preparing food. The prayers prayed on their behalf, the tears I shed, the heartache I feel, but also the immense joy and pride in each one of them. I wonder sometimes if they know how much I do, but more importantly how much they are loved.

These little sheets were a reminder that they do see and they know way more than I have been giving them credit for.

They all wrote the same answer for least favorite chore- laundry. They all got that one wrong. So of course they asked me what my least favorite chore is. I told them that it was cleaning bathrooms. I could see a lightbulb moment happening before me and one of them asked, ‘Is that why you make us clean the bathrooms?!!” Yes, that is exactly why!

If you are feeling unnoticed in your life right now, I pray that my words would encourage you. Others do notice and they are paying attention to what we do. Sometimes that should challenge us! I can’t tell you the number of times I have had to apologize to my kids for a bad attitude or an unkind word. But it should also encourage us. When we are committed to loving others well, they know it. They can feel it and the beautiful thing is that our love for them teaches them to reciprocate.

This Mother’s day was the best I have ever had. My oldest was able to run to the store and pick up lunch for everyone. The rest cleaned the house for me, leaving the kitchen spotless! All of my kids wrote me notes. I received a special bracelet and the book I asked for.

But the best gift of all is that feeling of being known. And loved anyway.


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