What if I’m Right?

Posted by on June 14, 2021 in Introspection | Comments Off on What if I’m Right?

When we’re having an argument or a disagreement with someone, it’s important to ask the question “what if I’m wrong?”But what happens when we come to the conclusion that we’re not wrong, but we are indeed right?

While I have discovered the importance of asking the question “what if I’m wrong?” when I disagree with someone else, I am discovering that it is equally important to ANSWER the question “what if I’m right?”.

There have been times when I have disagreed with someone and I am convinced that my perspective is the right one. I have asked myself “what if I’m wrong?”. I have prayed about the situation. I have agonized over it and sought the Lord. I have pored over scripture. I have asked for the wise counsel of godly men and women. After all this, when I know that my perspective lines up with the truth of God’s Word, I need to respond to the question “what if I’m right?”

When you know that you are right, but the disagreement persists, what do you do? What I have learned/am learning is that my response must be grace-filled. It must align with what I know to be true about how God deals with me. My response must be kind, loving, compassionate, and patient.

I cannot insist that the other person agree with me. I definitely must not slander them or demean and belittle them when they refuse to agree with me. If I do these things, I may be right in my opinion, but I am certainly wrong in my treatment of the other person. Scripture is VERY clear on this. We are to treat others the way that Jesus would treat them. “Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ, God forgave you.” Ephesians 4:32

I have not always done this perfectly in my life. My sinful tendency is to fight back when I feel that someone is in the wrong. In the past, I have been convinced that if we can just talk about the issue more, surely I will be able to make the other person see things from my perspective. But this is the sin of pride, believing that if I’m right, then I get to manipulate the other person into agreeing with me. I’m slowly learning how ugly this approach is.

I am grateful for the Lord’s patience with me!

Humility has taught me to ask the question “what if I’m wrong? Wisdom teaches me to answer the question “what if I’m right?”. Even if I’m right, I need to trust the Lord to work in the other person’s heart in HIS timing. I must wait on Him to reveal truth to the other person. And in the meantime, I need to love them well. Wisdom reminds me that we are all on a journey and I can trust God to work in the other person’s life. Humility gently reminds me that I might not be the one who is supposed to teach them the lesson they need to learn.

I am incredibly grateful for the friends, mentors and counselors in my life who have lovingly walked beside me, who have gently pointed me to truth when I am in the wrong, and who have shown grace along the way.

I pray that I would be quick to admit when I am wrong and that I would be gracious and kind when I am right.

Humility and wisdom.