Happy Birthday to my Daddy

Dear Daddy,

It’s been a long time since I’ve written a letter to you, but I think about you every single day. When I read my Bible and want to share a verse with you. When I drink my coffee and eat oatmeal. When a hymn comes to mind or when I hear someone whistle.

Today would have been your birthday. I miss being able to hear your voice, Daddy! I miss being able to make you laugh. I miss wishing you, my January birthday buddy, a happy birthday.

I’m missing you even more this year because the 49ers play the Cowboys on Sunday! I read somewhere that the last time the Niners faced the Cowboys in the playoffs was in 1994. I’m sure we watched that game together (my last playoffs at home!) and you would have had to concede that the 49ers were the better team. I think it’s likely that in 2022, I will have to concede to you. Oh, how I wish we could watch the game together!!

So much of who I am today is because of who you were. You would be so proud of your grandkids, Daddy! They love Jesus and each one serves the Lord in their own way. You would love hearing Lindsay sing praises. Sometimes when I talk with Ethan, I see you in him and it makes me want to weep. He is a deep thinker and has so much wisdom for one so young. Gibson loves reading and I wish he could play Mastermind with you. He would love that and part of me is sad that he will never have that opportunity. Ainsley is pure sunshine. I have no doubt that she would make you smile and keep you laughing. I am so grateful that you were able to meet her. It is a memory I will cherish always.

I love you, Daddy. I miss you, yet knowing that your mind is perfectly whole in the presence of your Savior brings me great joy. Your heart’s cry, “Give me Jesus!”, has been answered fully and beautifully. And so, the ache continues, but so does your legacy. I keep falling more in love with the Word of God. I keep taking walks and looking for the beauty in the sunsets. I keep lifting my eyes to the mountains from where my help comes. I keep drinking coffee and eating oatmeal. I still get a thrill when the coin is tossed, when the chains are moved, when a perfect spiral is thrown, and when the red and gold make it into the end zone. It’s a wonderful life and I am forever grateful to you. You were the best daddy a girl could have hoped for.

Happy birthday!


Your Becky Buster