Can’t You See?

I wonder what was said to you to make you turn away,

to leave a depth of friendship and act like it’s okay;

What lies must you believe to turn your back on me,

I didn’t do the things they said, oh, friend! Can’t you see?


I’m still the one who cried with you when your life fell apart.

I’m still the one who prays for you and cares deeply for your heart.

I stand here with my arms wide open to welcome you back home,

why do you run the other way and face your fears alone?


We all are on a journey, the paths we take diverge,

will they intersect again or are we doomed to ne’er emerge

from the road we’re traveling on of heartache and despair?

We need to take a deeper breath and come back up for air.


Remember all the truth you know, let it settle deep,

Renew your mind, restore your soul, let your sad heart weep,

Let go of all the angst you hold, the lies that you’ve believed,

Surrender to the only One who truly knows your need.


Let His love wash over you, return to learn from Him,

Seek hope, seek truth, pursue His peace and let His story win,

Stop running after lesser things and let His love hold you,

He’s never left, He’s by your side, and dear friend, I am too!


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