Things I Will Always Say Yes To

Ice cream on a hot day (who am I kidding? Yes to ice cream always!)

Hugs, snuggles, holding hands

One more chapter

Coffee with friends

Adventure, travel, exploring

Taking another picture

Singing loudly, quietly, in harmony

S’mores at a campfire

Listening to my husband play guitar

Trying something new

Catching fireflies

Star gazing

Watching my kids dance, sing, play soccer, long board, paddle board, kayak, swim. Whatever delights them, I will always say yes!

Walks in the freshly fallen snow

Hikes to waterfalls


Reading books fireside

Church, devotions, Bible study


I used this writing prompt- Things I Will Always Say Yes To- with my littles yesterday and their responses were magical. I am deliberately walking through the grief of the past couple years this week, trying to make sense of the heartbreak and the loss. There is deep sorrow for me in this and so I’m finding that I must couple it with simple joys; playing Yahtzee with my family, talking on the phone with my sister and my daughter, going out with friends, walks with my dog, coffee and scripture reading.

If you too are walking through a season of grief, I would encourage you to try writing out the things you will always say yes to. I hope you find the joy in this simple exercise and that you are reminded of all the good in your life in the midst of the hard.

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