Try Something New Thursdays~ Met an Online Friend in Real Life

It started a few months ago.  I saw a challenge on the blog called “31 Days to Become a Better Writer”.

I wasn’t sure what it would involve.  But I knew that I wanted to be a better writer, so I thought why not?

It was challenging and incredibly encouraging!  A Better Writer facebook group was established and the community there- well, let’s just say that I have made some lifelong friends.

The leader of our group is a lovely woman named Kristina.  As we all got to know one another, Kristina and I discovered that we live rather close to each other.  So we made plans to meet up.  Today was the day.

Kristina suggested The MOST – the Museum of Science and Technology in Syracuse, NY.

It was great!  We had four kids (3 of hers, 1 of mine) and were still able to get in some conversation.  Moms have this unwritten code.  We have this ability to take care of each other’s kids without blinking an eye.  And so, I had the privilege of holding a sweet little girl and playing in the sand with another.  I climbed stairs and stairs and more stairs in a play place with little boys – laughing the whole time!

Gibson had a blast with his new friends.  He ran around and played hard.  When I asked him what his favorite part was, he said all of it!

And we will definitely be going back.  This place has Ethan written all over it!

The best part for me was the opportunity to hear more of my new friend’s story.  One of the things that I am being reminded of is how valuable each of our stories are.  And as she shared bits of hers, all the while giving thanks to God for the way that He has faithfully led her, I couldn’t help being thankful myself.

Thankful for the online communities that encourage true friendship.  Thankful for my friend Amy who made sure that I joined the Better Writer facebook group.  Thankful for Kristina’s desire to meet me.  Thankful for the plans that my Father has for my life and the way that He keeps bringing new friends into it.

Kristina is in the middle of sharing her story on her blog Hitherto & Henceforth.  Go check it out.  But make sure you start at the beginning!  If you are anything like me, you won’t want to stop!

I have discovered that I really like Syracuse!  Gibs and I grabbed a quick lunch at Pastabilities (fantastic!), before heading home.

So here’s to trying something new and friendships that extend beyond the online world!  Thank you, Kristina, for a delightful day!

Can’t wait to meet the rest of the ladies in my better writer group…