Ever Wild~ A Letter to My Preschooler

Dear Gibson,

Every day on the way to your school, we drive on Everwild Lane. And every day, I breathe a prayer for you on that short stretch of road.

I pray that you will stay ever wild.

Because you are wild in all of the best possible ways. You live life with exuberance. You embrace it. You live with abandon.

And I don’t want you to lose that, sweet boy.

You have a way of making others enjoy life too. Your quirky sense of humor, your ability to dance with confidence in your underwear and a superhero cape, the way you jump in to help~ all of these things make our home a better place.

You were the first one to make Ainsley giggle by dancing around with your sword. You have the ability to make Lindsay smile when she is feeling miserable- just by being you. Ethan is a better version of himself when he has you by his side.

We played Candyland today and it still amazes me that you have a great attitude whether winning or losing. One of my favorite things right now is hearing you sing “Look at our God! Look at our God!”. You sing with gusto and it always leaves me a little teary.

You will often say, “I don’t matter” when what you really mean is “I don’t mind”. We don’t often correct you, because we know what you mean. And it makes us laugh, because you say it so seriously! The truth is you mean so much to us!

I hope you will always live with this wild heart- the kind that makes a lot of God and a lot less of self. I pray that you will continue to wildly care about others and seek to bring them joy. Enjoy life. Live it to the full. Laugh often and make the most of the moments you are given.

Seek adventure. Follow the dreams that God is placing in your heart right now. Pursue God with all that is in you. Keep learning and growing and becoming the boy man you are meant to be.

And may you be ever wild!

All my love,


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