Five Minute Friday~ Last

I have been thinking about “lasts” a lot this past week.

The last time I kissed his cheek.

The last time I held his hand.

The last time he told me he loved me.

The last time I heard his voice.

I have been waiting for the phone call all week. The one that will tell me he has breathed his last.

And sometimes I can barely breathe with the ache of this losing.

He is my Daddy.  The last one to tuck me in bed when I was a little girl. The last one to wave goodbye when I got on the bus for a summer adventure. The last one to call when I had a final exam the next day.

Yesterday, we celebrated his last anniversary. He has had his last Thanksgiving and Christmas and birthday.

Is it possible?

We used to have scripture quoting competitions. And he would always have the last verse. He lived to bring God glory. He hungered and thirsted for righteousness. He faithfully loved God.

Deep down I know that memories of him will last. He has left a legacy that is deep and wide. His life has impacted many.

He will be remembered in the stories we write about him. His words that he painstakingly wrote for his sermons will last forever. We will see glimpses of him in each other and in his grandchildren.

I have no doubt that his impact will continue long after he is gone.

I love you so much, Daddy! You have made a lasting impression on my life. I will miss you- more than I can even express- but I rejoice in knowing that you will finally be with Jesus. Thank you for your faithfulness in writing down your thoughts and your stories. They will last forever and are a treasure to me. 
Your Last Girl

“Christ has taken the dark door of death and replaced it with the shining gate of life.
Death is a step into the light and glory of God.”
~Rev. Lance Mills (my Daddy)

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