Happy Birthday, Daddy!

Dear Daddy,

January has always been my favorite month. All of the fanfare of Christmas would end, but in our house, the celebrating continued. As soon as Christmas was over, you would start talking about the Birthday Boy and the Birthday Girl. And we would share a knowing smile. January. Our birthday month.

Today is your first birthday since you went to be with Jesus. I hope all of the angels sing to you! There will certainly be lots of celebrating here. We will talk once again about the impact your life has had on us. We will share memories. And we will sing.

And Daddy? I want you to know that I miss you. But this missing is not what I expected it to be. There are certainly moments of sadness, but mostly there is rejoicing. You have left so much of yourself behind through your hand written sermons, through pictures that stir the best memories, through your voice recorded for us to remember and through the way you faithfully lived to bring honor to Jesus.

I can’t help but rejoice, Daddy. You are with Jesus! The slippers, the ties, the Dallas Cowboy T-shirts, the books- all of those birthday gifts over the years are nothing compared with the glory which is now revealed in you as you stand by His side (Romans 8:18). You taught us to view this life as temporary. You encouraged us to live well, to love Jesus and to follow Him. You did this through your words and through the way you lived.

And so, this is my prayer that I would follow in your footsteps. Daddy- I am so thankful for the way you lived your life. It is a continuous blessing to me. Every single day, I am reminded of you in some way and I praise God for you. What a gift! Even in your absence here on earth, you are blessing my life.

So, happy birthday, Daddy! I won’t be able to hear your voice today and that I will miss. But I hope that if you could see your girls today, you would be blessed by our desire to love Jesus. Now that I am a parent, I realize that this is the best gift a child can give their parent. And so, that is my gift to you this year.

I love you, dear Daddy!

Becky Buster

Just one of the ways your words continue to bless my life…