Baby, It’s Cold Outside (so what should we do?)!!

Growing up in the Northeast and now living in Rochester, NY means that I have seen my fair share of snow days. But what is one to do when school is cancelled because it is too cold?!!

We had the opportunity to find out today.

We started the day making cinnamon sugar tortilla snowflakes. This was our first time doing this and the kids loved it!

The older kids used kitchen shears to cut shapes in their tortilla and I helped Gibson to create his snowflake. Then we toasted them on a griddle with a little bit of butter and sprinkled them with cinnamon and sugar. Success!

After breakfast, the kids scattered to play. I decided to take advantage of the down time and started working on my goals for 2014. I had been inspired by friends to create a vision board for my goals. Here is a picture of the completed project…

I am hopeful that this visual will help me stay focused on my goals for the year. I really like my little ducks!

While I was working on this project, my kids asked if they could work with me. Lindsay made her own vision board, picking a word for the year, a Bible verse to go with it and then a few of her goals- all on her own without any prompting from me! I am so proud of her right now I could just about burst!

Photo: Lindsay's goals for the year! #persevere #soproud
Gibson sat down with us and wanted to copy everything I did. And when he saw Lindsay’s plane, he wanted to make a plane too.

Ridiculously proud of him too. He is growing so quickly now. My favorite part of this picture is his red tulip. He calls it a tuplip. And you might not be able to tell, but he drew people in the windows of his plane. I love it.
Ethan decided to make armor instead of a vision board. I adore his creative side!
Ainsley has loved having her siblings at home. She has a bit of a cold, so they have helped to cheer her up. She loves hair. Poor Ethan!
The rest of our day has been spent in play! We have stayed warm inside our home and have prayed for Daddy and everyone who has had to go outside.
Gibson “wrote” a song at lunch time. It goes like this…
Baby, it’s cold outside
So go out and dance!

I wouldn’t suggest that you follow the four year old’s logic, but everything else we did today comes highly recommended!
What do you do on a cold day?